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CIEE St. Petersburg, Russia University of Scranton
Course Number Abroad Course Title Credit Value Course Equivalent Credit Value Course Previously Used For:
HIST 3001 RASP Russian History: Rise and Progress, Tragedies and Revolutions 3 HIST 226 3 MAJOR
POLI 3002 RASP Presidential Elections in Russia and Challenges of Democratic Transition 3 PS 397 3 MAJOR
RAST 3002 RASP Ethnic Studies: National and Ethnic Issues in Modern Russia 3 HIST 397 3 MAJOR
RUSI 2003 RASP Intermediate Russian Conversation I 4 RUSS 297 4 IS CORE
RUSI 2004 RASP Intermediate Russian Conversation II 4 RUSS 297 4 IS CORE