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How to Search for a Study Abroad Program

Searching for a Study Abroad Program

Searching for a study abroad program that meets your personal and academic needs is rather simple. You will first need to click the programs tab at the top of the page. The page that appears is the master program search page. You will note that you have several options: List All, Simple Search, Advanced Search, Featured Programs and Course Search.

  • List All:
  • This page will list all the study programs available to you and each program is linked to a program page that describes the program in detail. This choice is useful if you want to browse the entire catalog.
  • Simple Search: 
  • The simple search option allows you to search for a program by identifying a city, country, region and term. You can also search by a program name if you have one.
  • Advanced Search: 
  • The advanced search option is the most effective way to narrow down your study abroad options. This feature allows you to search using the following parameters: city, country, region, term, language of instruction, language prerequisites, language courses available, fields of study, grade point average requirement, number of credits offered per term, the program type, housing options and meal options. This search options allows you to very quickly drill down to the program(s) that best suit your needs.
  • Featured Programs: This feature is not currently available.
  • Course Search: 
  • This search option allows you to search all the study abroad programs for a specific course or courses(s). Note that this search feature is continuing to be developed and is not currently the most effective way to search for a study program.
  • Study Abroad Program Brochures

When you navigate to the Program Brochures you will find a complete overview of the study abroad program:

  • Terms during which you can study.
  • Program dates and deadlines.
  • Courses offered (this feature continues to be developed - if this area is populated, it will list courses taken at the university/program and their equivalents at the University of Scranton.
  • Budget sheets: The budget sheets will list fixed costs such as tuition and estimates for travel, housing, meals, personal expenses, books and travel documents.
  • An overview of the university/study program
  • Brief descriptions of the university/program, city, academics, housing etc. There are links that take you directly to the program or university for more complete information.

Choosing a Program of Study
 Use the information in the fields described above to help you choose programs that interest you. The International Programs office recommends that you compare several different programs to make sure that you ultimate choice is the right one for you in every shape and form.  After choosing your options, meet with the International Programs and Services staff for further guidance and information. 

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