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University of Scranton Faculty Led Study Abroad

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Courses Taught in Exciting Places World-Wide!

italyHave you thought of exploring Germany, Italy, Uganda, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, or Ireland as part of a University of Scranton class? If so, you might want to consider participating in a University of Scranton Faculty-Led Study Abroad course. The University offers a number of Faculty-Led Study Abroad courses every year.

Some of the courses are offered during the month of January (Intersession) and others are offered during the summer session and sometimes during spring break. All courses carry academic credit and the grades earned in the courses will be factored into your grade point average. 

Some Faculty-Led Study Abroad Courses courses are taught on campus prior to traveling abroad and others are taught in their entirety abroad. Certain courses will fulfill a variety of General University Education requirements while others are specific to academic major or minor requirements. Note that some courses will have pre-requisites, while others require no previous study in the discipline.

Students will receive Cultural Diversity (D) credit for Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs.