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Courses Taught in Exciting Places World-Wide!
Have you thought of exploring Germany, Italy, the Philippines, Uganda, Mexico, Taiwan, Spain, Costa Rica or Ireland as part of a University of Scranton class? If so, you might want to consider participating in a University of Scranton Faculty-Led Study Abroad course.The University offers a number of Faculty-Led Study Abroad courses every year. Some of the courses are offered during the month of January (Intersession) and others are offered during the summer session and sometimes during spring break. All courses carry academic credit and the grades earned in the courses will be factored into your grade point average. 

Some Faculty-Led Study Abroad Courses courses are taught on campus prior to traveling abroad and others are taught in their entirety abroad. Certain courses will fulfill a variety of General University Education requirements while others are specific to academic major or minor requirements. Note that some courses will have pre-requisites, while others require no previous study in the discipline.

Students will receive Cultural Diversity (D) credit for Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs.

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Courses Tentatively Scheduled for Intersession 2018 

Global Health Policy Seminar for Nurses
The nursing program will be offering a Global Health Policy seminar as an elective this January. The travel course will include a two week trip to Dublin, Ireland to attend the International Winter Program at Trinity College's School of Nursing and Midwifery. The program in Ireland is designed to provide nursing students with experiences of nursing in Ireland from multiple perspectives including 2 days of observing nurses in clinical hospital sites. The program includes seminars with Trinity's lead researchers to talk about innovations in practice/ research, the distinctive features of nursing in Ireland, the professional and health services systems, marginalized/vulnerable groups within Irish society, so that students are in a position to make some comparative analysis between US and Irish healthcare/nursing. 
The seminar is open to junior and senior nursing students.

For more information, please contact Dr. Ann Feeney or
Dr. Barbara Buxton
trinity college

Contemporary Mexican Culture and Language
Nestled in the middle of Mexico, under the imposing view of the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes, Puebla was named a “heroic” city for being the site where Mexican troops’ defeated the French army in May 5th1862 (Battle of Puebla); and it was also named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

The trip includes:

20 nights room and board (3 meals per day) with a Mexican family selected by the Office of Internationalization at La Ibero,
Half-day tour of historic Puebla and nearby Cholula, including the world-famous Cholula pyramid, museums and typical market places,
Weekend trip to the beautiful city of Oaxaca in southwestern Mexico,
Weekend trip to nearby megalopolis of Mexico City, including visits to the world- famous Anthropological Museum, Coyoacán, and the amazing pyramids of Teotihuacan,
30 hours of instruction in Spanish by native speakers at Universidad Iberoamericana under the supervision of University of Scranton faculty,
30 hours of instruction in contemporary Mexican culture and politics by full-time Ibero faculty with assistance of University of Scranton faculty,

Transfer from La Ibero to the Benito Juárez International airport in Mexico City for return trip.Cost: $4,000

For additional information, contact: Dr. Yamile Silva
mexico students
Biology 295: Philippine Tropical Organisms and Ecosystems
This course will focus on field observations and study of the physical factors, the flora and fauna, the interrelationships that exist in different tropical ecosystems, and the interaction between the environment and the cultural minorities that inhabit these regions.  The course involves a three week trip to the Philippines over Intersession.  Local trips in the Philippines will focus on tropical rainforests, coral reefs, mangroves, and sites of recent and old volcanic activity.

Prerequisites: Biology 142, or instructor approval

For more information please contact Dr. George Gomez
Christianity in Africa (T/RS 295)
The course which travels to Uganda, focuses on the history of the Christian churches in Africa, and their power and presence in the people’s daily lives.  Special attention is given to the interaction between cultures that springs from Christian missions.  We follow the story of Christianity’s arrival in the late 19th century and the subsequent martyrdom of 45 Ugandans whose deaths inspired Christianity’s dramatic spread.  We will also explore differences between Anglican and Catholic Christians, learn of cooperative mission work to dispossessed peoples like the Batwa Pygmies, and see Christians at work in schools, hospitals and AIDS clinics.   

For more information, please contact: Dr. Charles Pinches or Dr. Cyrus Olsen
TRS 285: Christianity in the Middle East

Through a series of visits to holy sites in and around Jerusalem and meetings with local Christians, this course will introduce the history, people, traditions, and politics of Christianity in the Middle East.

For more information please contact Dr. Michael Azar
NURS 495: Health Issues in Africa  

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Courses Tentatively Scheduled for Summer 2017
HIST 395: Modern Germany History and Culture

3 Credit Course-General Education Elective
2.5 Weeks- Berlin, Potsdam, Weimar, and Dresden
Leaving May 30 2018
No Language Requirement or History Prerequisites

For more information please contact Dr. Sean Brennan
Ireland Study Abroad Course

Visit Dublin, Howth, Bray, Galway, Tara, Newgrange, the scenic west coast and the rural heartland of Ireland.
Learn about the culture and people of Ireland, both historically and in contemporary society.

Includes:Ground Transportation
Admissions and visits
Full Irish breakfast daily
Additional side trips
Round trip airfare from U.S. to Dublin
Hotel accommodations (double occupancy)
For more information please contact: Dr. Matthew Reavy    

*Students pay for 1 credit Summer tuition, but receive 3 credits for the course.
Italian History and Heritage (HIST 296): A Summer Travel Course

Note: You must have the instructor's permission to apply for this study abroad course.

This course combines with a travel experience to introduce the student to Italy’s cultural heritage and the history of the current Italian Republic. Students will visit sites of historic, artistic and religious significance as well as important places of the contemporary Italian republic.

Course Objectives
Through discussion of texts, students will demonstrate an understanding of the working methods historians use.
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the development of Italian politics, society  and culture through study and on-site visits.

Please contact Dr. Roy Domenico for further information at
INTD 384: The Loyola Experience: An Ignatian Pilgrimage

An SJLA Honors Program Travel Course in Spain and Rome
Note: You must have the instructor's permission to apply for this course

Instructors:  Daniel Haggerty, Ph.D.—University of Scranton
Peter Folan, S.J.—Boston College, Chaperone

The Loyola Experience: An Ignatian Pilgrimage, which runs for two weeks beginning in mid-in June, retraces the steps of the early Jesuits, visiting important Ignatian sites in Spain and Rome. It spans much of the life of Ignatius of Loyola, from his birth at the Loyola family castle in the Basque region of Spain to his death in the apartment next to the Gesù, the mother church of the Society of Jesus in Rome. Other locations visited include Pamplona, Javier, Manresa, Montserrat, and Barcelona.
S/CJ 284: International Justice

The goal is to see first hand how international justice agencies operate and to learn how law and criminal justice is practiced in a Civil law/Continental law country. This will be a 3 credit  blended course. This means that we would travel to Europe for a 8-9 days (including travel) and then we would complete the course when we get back home for two weeks via the internet.  The post trip work will be reflections, a paper, and maybe an on-line exam.

Here is the proposed  itinerary: 
You fly from the airport of your choice to arrive in Brussels, Belgium on the afternoon of June 7th or morning of June 8th (TBD).  We meet in airport then travel to Leuven, Belgium which is 30 minutes from Brussels.
We stay in Leuven for two days and we meet and hear lectures (2-3) from Criminologists at Katholiek Leuven University.
We then leave and travel to Amsterdam for two days of  culture and "fun" --but not too much fun.
Then we proceed to The Hague, Netherlands where we will do the following:
-visit a prison or two
-visit the International Criminal Court
-visit the International  Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia
-visit Eurojust 
We then return home from Brussels.

Please contact Dr. Harry R. Dammer for more information
University of Scranton in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Six Weeks-Twelve Credit Intensive Spanish Summer Program

The University of Scranton will sponsor a faculty led study abroad trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia at the Centro Misionero Maryknoll en America Latina. The travel course will be 6 weeks in duration and involve the study of Spanish language for 4 hours a day for 5 days a week transferring as 9 credits to the University of Scranton. The courses will be individually geared to any level of Spanish proficiency from those who have never studied Spanish to those with an advanced knowledge.  Three afternoons a week for 2.5 hours for six weeks the students will study a University of Scranton course equivalent to T/RS 219 Religions of the World adjusted to include the indigenous religions of Bolivia. This will count as a 3 credit (P) University of Scranton course. Total credits for the six week period will be 12. The students will live in homestays with Bolivian families all of whom have been vetted and are very experienced with providing this service. There will be a supervised service component available for those students who wish to participate. There will be a weekend excursion to the functioning Jesuit missions in the east of Bolivia near Paraguay and an optional trip to La Paz and Lake Titicaca in the Altiplano region bordering Peru.

For more information please contact Father John Sivalon or Dr. Linda Ledford-Miller