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Types of Study Abroad Programs

Types of Study Abroad Programs

There are a variety of types of study abroad programs; some of which might be better suited for you than others. You will need to carefully consider the program options available to you.

Direct Enrollment Programs
Direct enrollment programs are those in which you are enrolled as a student of the host country. Your classes are often offered in the host language and the majority of students in class are students from the host country. Most University of Scranton students are directly enrolled in a variety of universities world wide. Such programs include universities in non-English speaking countries. Note that the University of Scranton has close working relationships with these universities and in some cases has student exchange programs in place.

Sponsored Study Abroad Programs
In order to offer University of Scranton students the widest variety of study abroad options, the University has partnered with several non-profit and proprietary organizations that sponsor study abroad programs. Additionally, the University works with several American universities that sponsor study abroad programs. It should be noted that some of these programs involve direct enrollment in a foreign institution through agreements that the organization or other university has abroad. More often than not, sponsored study abroad programs do not enroll students directly in a foreign institution, but rather have their own campuses or utilize facilities and/or faculty from a foreign institution. Students in sponsored programs are generally from the United States. Most often, sponsored programs are ones that are offered in non-English speaking countries. Courses are taught in either the host country language, in English or a combination of both.

Special International Student Programs
These kinds of programs are ones that are organized for international students by foreign universities. Such programs are generally offered in non-English speaking countries and are taught by faculty from the university sponsoring the program in English. While many of the students attending this kind of program are native English speakers, it is not unusual to find students from the host country taking advantage of classes taught in English. It should be noted that many programs offer courses in both English as well as the host country language.

Internship and Service Learning Programs
Some of the University of Scranton partners in international education include internships or service learning as part of the study abroad program. Look for Internship and Service Learning designations on the approved list of study abroad programs if you are interested.

Summer and Intersession Study Abroad Programs
There are a number of options you have if you want to study for a shorter period of study than a semester. While relatively few study options exist for the intersession, a number of options exist for summer study abroad. Most of the summer and intersession study abroad programs are offered by private study abroad providers or by other American Universities that work collaboratively with the University of Scranton.

University of Scranton Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs
Faculty led study abroad programs take place during intersession, spring break and summer sessions. Typically, the study abroad program consists of a three credit class that is led and taught by a University faculty member and has a duration 1½ to 4 weeks. Some classes are taught entirely abroad while some consist of a combination of class meetings at the University of Scranton in addition to the time spent abroad. All travel and accommodation arrangements are made by the faculty program leader. To date, faculty led study abroad programs have taken students to England, China, Italy, Mexico, Uganda, Costa Rica, Greece, Philippines and Rwanda.