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University of Scranton Emergency Contact Numbers

The University of Scranton Toll Free Emergency Number
The University of Scranton provides a toll-free phone number (800-709-8703)  for students who are studying abroad and for the families of students abroad. In the event of an emergency (either abroad or at home), the University will be able to coordinate responses to the emergency. The phone number is always active and is staffed 24 hours per day. The nature of your emergency will determine who will respond to your call. You may also call the University of Scranton Emergency Switchboard directly at:570-941-7888.
When dialing the number from the United States, it is not necessary to dial an access code; simply dial the toll-free number. When calling from abroad, you will have to dial an international access code that can be found here: Travel the World with ATT. From the pull-down menu, pick the country you are calling from and the access code will be provided. 

The University of Scranton Office of Global Education
During University business hours, you should contact the office directly. The general office number is 570-941-4841 and the Director of Study Abroad and Global Initiatives direct phone line is 570-941-4303.